• Hill Inlet

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The most photographed spot in the Whitsundays is no surprise the World Famous Hill Inlet Lookout Walk.

With a magnificent view from the purpose built lookout only a short walk from the close by Tounge Bay, Hill Inlet looks out over the magnificent white swirling sands that so many people have on their office wall or as their lounge room feature.

With views down Whithaven Beach and a short walk to Betty’s Beach. Whitehaven beach is made up of approximately 98% silica.

It is believed that the sand from Whitehaven Beach was used to make the Hubble Telescope.

The sand is perfect for cleaning your beloved jewellery. Be aware that if your partner was a little light on the spending of that special something it can be very abraisive to the cheaper end of the jewellery market.

  • The Whitsunday Great Walk/Honeyeater Lookout (Conway Circuit)


The Conway Circuit has a few sections to the walk.

The main two is the Honeyeater Lookout Trail (Pictured Above) which is an 8.2km – 3hr return walk and is considered a Grade 4 walk :  Bushwalking experience recommended. Tracks may be long, rough and very steep. Directional signs may be limited.

The Honeyeater Lookout Trails entrance is located in Kara Crescent, a short walk from the main drag in Airlie Beach. To get there head up Waterson Way at the western end of Airlie Beach main street, take a right up Begley Street, onto Lamond Street and then onto Kara Cresent. This is where you will find the stair case indicating the Start to the Conway Circuit (pictured above).

The Whitsunday Great Walk now known as Conway Circuit is started at two locations. First location being the same as above at Kara Crescent. The second location is at Brandy Creek.

To get there from Airlie Beach head along Shute Harbour Rd towards Proserpine approximately 10km until you reach Brandy Creek Rd. Take a left onto Brandy Creek Rd then follow on to Forestry Rd through to the carpark.

The Conway Circuit is a 27.1km – 3 day (2 night) walk and is also a Grade 4 walk.

Continuing past the Honeyeater Lookout the first campsite that you will reach is the Bloodwood Campsite situated 7.4km from the Airlie Beach starting location.

bloodwood camp site

The Bloodwood campsite is nestled among the Bloodwood trees on top of a ridge. Facilities include picnic tables, lockable trunks to keep food from wildlife, pit toilets and tank water which needs to be treated with water purification tablets before being consumed.

Near the Bloodwood campsite is a lookout which has views over Jubilee Pocket and Port of Airlie and is well worth the short walk (pictued below).

2nd lookout

The next highlight on the walk is the Mount Hayward lookout which looks out over Daydream Island towards Hook Passage.

3rd lookout

Travelling further down the trail you will reach the crossing of Little Repulse Creek before reaching the second campsite Repulse Creek Campsite (pictured below).

2nd campsite

The last section of the journey is much less of a decline and involves crossing Little Impulse Creek before an uphilll incline to the carpark at Brandy Creek.

It is important to note that this is a fully self-sufficient walk and local facilities are limited. You will need to bring water purification tablets in order to drink the tank water provided and ensure you have the appropriate permits from National Parks and Wildlife Service. For more information visit http://www.npsr.qld.gov.au/parks/conway-circuit/about.html

  • Whitsunday Peak

Whitsunday Peak is another challenging walk on the Ngaro Sea Trail but is very rewarding. Whitsunday Peak is the highest point of Whitsunday Island at a whopping 435m.

The walk starts from the beautiful Cid Harbour on Sawmill Beach.


Sawmill Beach has 2 memorials and some picnic tables for you to enjoy a meal before or after your walk.

memorial 2 memorial 1 picnic tables sawmill

The track is quite well established with rocks forming a staircase for the majority of the way.


For this walk there is no real break from the uphill slog as it winds and works its way up to the top.

Once you get to the top however there are two lookout points with spectacular views.

Northern Lookout

lookout north

Southern Lookout

lookout south

  • Spion Kop Walk

IMG_2390 IMG_1532

Located on the beautiful South Molle Island, the Spion Kop starts at the back of the Koala Adventure Island Resort past the golf course and is a moderate level walk.

Be sure to take plenty of fresh water on your journey as it can be hot on a warm Whitsunday summers day.

Once you get to the top you really appreciate your efforts, looking over the Molle Passage towards pioneer rocks and the mainland all the way through past the elegant Hayman Island down the Whitusnday Passage with a view of Hamilton Island and the world famous Dent Island which is host to the PGA tour famous Hamilton Island Golf Course.

  • Ngaro Cultural Site

IMG_2471 IMG_2475

Located in Nara Inlet on Hook Island the walk to the Ngaro Cultural Site is a 340m – 20min return moderate grade walk.

The walk takes you to a once hidden cave with aboriginal paintings believed to have been done by the native settlers of the islands (pictured above).

The Ngaro Cultural Site walk has informative and interactive information to give you an insight on the aboriginal painting meanings and the Ngaro Tribe who were the early Aboriginal settlers of the Whitsunday Islands.

  • Passage Peak – Hamilton Island



Hamilton Island is home to one of the most spectacular walks that the Whitsundays have to offer.

Passage peak is a 2.6km walk starting behind the Reef View Hotel and a good level of fitness is required. You should allow around 45 mins to get to the lookout at the top.


The track is well maintained by Hamilton Island however we recommend you take a good pair of closed in shoes suitable for walking.


The walk is a moderate incline for the majority of the walk except for the last 200m which is a very steep staircase and is sure to test your fitness and motivation but you will be rewarded when you see the breathtaking views from the top.


  • Whitsunday Cairn

Whitsunday Cairn is yet another majestic walk located at the Northern end of Whitsunday Island.

The starting point for the walk is located at Cairn Beach opposite Hook Island Resort in Hook Passage.


One very important thing to note about this walk is that the track is not very well established. It is more of a goats track than a clearly marked walking track. There are indicators along the way (pictured below) which show you the direction in which to travel however you must pay attention the whole way as to where you are going because it is easy to walk off the track.

track indicator

From the beach the walk takes a very steep incline through the rocky bushland up towards the ridge where the landscape levels out and takes you through the rocky outcrop with scattered native grass trees.


Once you have crossed the top of the ridge and made your way up to the base of the Cairn you will be rewarded with breathtaking views of Hook Island and beyond.

cairn lookout

  • Solway Circuit

Take a short stroll from the southern end of Whitehaven Beach to a beautiful lookout set amongst the picuresque rocks looking out towards Hamilton Island.

This is a nice easy walk which anyone can enjoy and is conveniently located near the toilets which are looked after from the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service.

  • Mt Rooper, Shute Harbour – Mainland

Located on the mainland at Shute Harbour (a short 10-15 minute drive from Airlie Beach CBD) is where the start of the Mt Rooper Bushwalk starts.

With rewarding views towards Daydream Island the walk also provides access to the nearby Coral Beach which is a secluded beach for those looking for a quiet spot to laze and enjoy the Whitsundays